GIS Cloud
Crowdsourcing Solution

Anonymous users (citizens, visitors, attendees, public...) can submit reports, including photos and comments, of any kind using Mobile or Web App.

Citizens can review existing reports, comment or vote on reports and observations submitted by others.

Complete crowdsourcing solution
for organizations, cities, public and anonymous users.

Branded Mobile App

Customized for every client and made available for download on App Store and Google Play.

Citizens can download the app and start reporting issues, without creating an account.

Custom Forms

Clients can create their own unique Forms within minutes.

Forms are easily changed at any moment, quickly deployed and instantly updated on mobile and web app.

Public Web App

Public Portal allows citizens to anonymously report issues from home and see progress.

Admin Web App

Organizations can approve submissions, track progress and coordinate between departments.

Only approved submissions will be publicly visible.

Organizations can track progress of submission status and have an overview of statistics through graphs and charts.

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